Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still a rookie....

So, obviously it's been quite awhile, I'm still a rookie at the whole blogging thing. I just keep forgetting to post a new topic and then when I do remember to post then I can't think of a blog topic!

Many great new things are going on for Little Pea Bows, check out Twitter (littlepeabows), Facebook (Little Pea Boutique), etsy (littlepeabows) and the website, for a ton of savings, contests and more.

At home, we finally got the pool cleaned and ready for swimming, it looks so pretty, but of course rain, storms and plenty of wind are keeping the water cold! Baseball and softball have seemed to consumed any life in the evening, I'm whining yet at the same time enjoying the games and fun while it lasts. These kids grow up so fast! It seems just like yesterday that our oldest was learning to walk and had cute little curls on his head.

I will be holding a contest for blog topics. Go to and make your suggestions. If we choose your topic you will be sent a free gift or Bow Bucks to use towards any purchase.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cricut Expression to cut Felt

So I had been wanting a Cricut Expression FOREVER! and I finally got one thanks to my darling in-laws and their awesome Christmas present. So I have been playing with it almost everyday trying to cut felt. I read blogs, forums, articles and anything else I could find on-line for advice, tips, instructions etc. For every one person that cut felt with the Cricut Expression I found 50 that could not. I was not optimistic. I tried the blue painters tape, a new blade dedicated just for fabric and felt, we even starched the felt so it was stiff as board. Nothing worked so I decided it just couldn't be done.

While shopping in Monroe, MI at Crafts 2000 last weekend my hubby and I came across Felties Stiffened Felt Sheets made by Darice. We bought all of it (there wasn't much left) and couldn't wait to get home. It took only about an hour of trial and error but it worked. We used the blue painters tape to secure the stiffened sheet of felt to the cutting mat, a deep cut blade (set it at 6), maximum pressure and medium speed. Now I will say that for small cuts (1.5" or smaller) they didn't come out quite as well, it all depends on the shape you are cutting and how much detail it has. But my larger hearts at 2" or larger cut like butter. The happy dance was quite interesting and our kids thought it was ridiculous that we were so excited by this, they just don't understand!

The colors available in this felt aren't nearly as vast as buying the felt of the bolt but it serves my purpose. I'm not sure why starching the felt off the bolt didn't work but am still playing and trying to master it. In the meantime I'm happy with buying the stiffened sheets.

Stupid Questions!

It never ceases to amaze me that when someone asks a stupid question they get a stupid answer and then get annoyed because you gave a stupid answer. I will be the first to admit that I am the biggest abuser of asking the stupid questions. However, when I get the sarcastic "did you really just ask me that" answer or look I laugh and realize what I did and try to have a good laugh too.

For instance, my son, a 15 yr. old mind you says last night, "Is chicken pork?" to which his dad's reply was "um, no, chicken is chicken" and my son's reply was "no, really, duh!" with the attitude that he had just been insulted. Then what did you ask for? Now I must explain that I started using a new slow cooker cookbook I got for Christmas and made 2 fabulous dinners 2 nights in a row so my son wanted to know what we were having tonight, when I told him casserole he said "no, you can't follow up 2 dinners like that with casserole" and proceeded to go through the cookbook looking for something for this evening that could be made with chicken and meant to ask if chicken was poultry. Which I guess is a legitimate question for a 15 yr. old boy who doesn't cook. But he didn't ask if it was poultry, he asked if "chicken was pork!"